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My Story

In life there are two kinds of challenge: the ones that hold us back, and the ones we deliberately embrace for what they truly are and what they truly make us...

2020 arrived. I can't even tell you what happened in a short way that will make sense of what unfolded.

In short; things were wrong.

I felt wrong. Working for the wrong person in the wrong place being treated the wrong way.

The only income earner as we home educate (always have, always will). Shoulders filled with crushing responsibility. Nowhere to turn, stuck, trapped, and deeply unhappy.

Something had to change.

I'd already been peeling the layers back, doing deeper personal work... receiving therapy, getting coached, working alongside different medicines...

And then it all boiled down to two things; trust and surrender.


I had the calling, I was doing the work with some of the strongest known psychoactive compounds on earth, so I did drop into trust and surrender.

With my wife's blessing, I collapsed the relationship with my 'boss'. And dropped further into the trust.


But what did I find? Fear; fear of not good enough.

We had to sell the house because we couldn't make the repayments... trust and surrender, trust and surrender.


Then I met Tom, and I told him all about what I'd seen inside the leadership world, the faults and the cracks, and the people struggling for space and air, and Tom said "That's exactly what we teach in FreeMind, come and train with me and I'll show you..."

And learned how people were tripping themselves up, how I was tripping myself up...and as I found answers to my problems I also found out this one key factor in everything;


Life is trauma-informed.


Everyone's life is beautifully shaped by the trauma they've experienced, they've ignored or taken ownership of. 


Yet most of us, me included at this time are stuck measuring our self-worth and value by how we were treated, and that simply isn't true. Through the training with Tom in FreeMind, I dug into my inner world and answered questions about my fear and hurt, and picked up my little inner children that needed love and support.

Then my world changed, everything that I felt was missing clicked into place. Not that I was missing the parts, I was just missing the internal understanding of how all those things connected and how to free those parts so they could do more brilliant things and create more incredible impacts in the world.

It all just made sense, combining these tools with the eclectic life experiences I have I'm now helping others make huge differences in their worlds;

  • 24 years in corporate leadership roles

  • 10 years focusing on leadership, and personal development

  • World travel, backpacking South East Asia and Australia

  • Training martial arts in Brazil, and living around the world

  • Deep experience with plant medicines, entheogens and psychoactive compounds

  • Physical trauma, hospitalisation

  • Curing myself of Crohn's

  • Workplace anxiety & stress

  • Working with narcissists

  • Being bullied at school and work

  • Drug abuse

  • Violence


I've experienced many aspects of the human condition and human behaviour and now I work with people helping them to process their hurts, their pain and help them make sense of it all so they can feel "Loved, loving, and lovable" as Tom's says in FreeMind.

I offer, the tools and skills to endure and overcome adversity, through a mix of NLP, leadership coaching, and psychotherapy models bundled up with FreeMind RCT.

And now, as a result of the number of hours I've facilitated with FreeMind

and the level of learning I have undertaken, I'm now certified as an

Advanced Pratitioner

...what was most surprising and unexpected for me was the immense emotions I felt during this session. I didn’t feel embarrassed by the flood of tears I found myself in because Nathan constantly reassured with calming words.

LL, Health worker

Where do you want to get to?

Whatever it is you want to change, RCT can support you.

Sleep, anxiety, ways of being, unhelpful habits, pain management, sports performance. RCT can give you a structure in which to work on and with to improve the life you're living and more importantly live at the level you're actually designed to.

Book an initial call and let's see how RCT can help you...

Who I work with

I work with a huge mix of people including entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals.


But also working and supporting healers and therapists as well as they continue on their own personal journeys.


These people span across a wide variety of industries and walks of life from; the financial services and the charity sector to alternative health. From therapists to astronomers and all the way across to stunt work.


Whom I work with is not limited by sector or industry, it is simply guided by a human need to overcome a personal block or challenge that you know is holding you back.

If you know it's there, are investing energy in ignoring it, are in resistance then it's time to do the work.


It's time for us to speak.

  • Do you want to change the way life is right now, for the better?

  • Do you want to change a way of being for your own health or to improve a relationship?

  • Do you want to stop making excuses for others and be deeply honest with yourself and live a fuller life?

If yes to any of these, now is the time to book a call and let's start finding out why and make things better...

NB. FreeMind does not advocate the use of psychoactive compounds, and using them is not a part of the FreeMind process.

And any desire to pursue such activities is completely at the risk of the participant, and subject to their own research on said compound or chosen course of healing.

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