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freemind rapid change therapy & How it helps...

FreeMind RCT is a form of hypnotherapy that gets to the heart of the matter, fast.

From inside the subconscious, we can then work out where habits first formed and then shift the narrative to one that is supportive, helping you rewrite the behaviours from the originating moment to improve your current reality.

FreeMind Rapid Change Therapy (RCT)...

The FreeMind Rapid Change system focuses on the three pillars of peace, power, and purpose.  By creating changes in these three areas, my clients can rapidly begin to enjoy more success and happiness in their lives...

Here's the thing, we've all experienced some trauma, in fact, it's what shapes our worlds.

It's our reactions and responses to those moments that encourage the psyche to keep you safe; physically and psychologically. And so far, it's done an incredible job we've survived several 100's of 1000's of years this way.

But things are changing, human awareness is changing and we're starting to realise we have some healing to do.

Freemind RCT is not about getting rid of these parts, it's about including these parts more completely.

It's about creating a safe space, physically and emotionally for people to revisit moments in their past and heal them, one at a time. We call it 'Rescuing Kids' because if you knew another child was experiencing what you experienced you'd kick the door down and get them and hold them and tell them "it's over, you're safe."

RCT is about helping you go in and bring your Inner children home, to walk those lost, fragmented parts of you back home and bring them to life.

For me, Home - a place where you can love yourself.

With RCT you and I will rewrite your old script, change outdated behaviours, and enabling the ego to help you. Gathering in any of the hurt parts that have been excluded through resistance and in bringing them back in, helping you to reignite old ways of being that you need now in order to live a more incredible life, right now.

Procrastination to action-taking.

Extreme independence to inclusion.

Perfectionism to self-compassion.

Shying away to stepping into life, fully! for the hypnotherapy, it completely blew me away! It was a fantastic experience from someone who was a complete stranger to someone whom I have full confidence in that can actually get you to where you want to be!

Lorrayne C , PM Consultant

Session Setup...

Well, COVID landed... and everything went onto Zoom.

Great! In fact as long as you've got good WiFi, it probably works even better.

You get to sit in the comfort of your own home, fresh tea, favourite chair combined with your own headphones letting the music and the suggestions go straight into your head with minimal interference...


...and also if you happen to have had a heavy session and your mascara has exited your eyelashes and made a dash for your chin you haven't got to go out and face the world.

You can just sit, and be, and hold yourself and be kind without giving a $h!t what anyone thinks...and just be still for a while and hug yourself until the next cup of tea or cacao.

What you'll need...

Stable WiFi - most of my sessions now are online using Zoom, other platforms are possible, Zoom has been my preferred app to make this work.

Remove Distraction - Shut down your email, social media, give the dog to someone else for the time, don't arrange deliveries for that day... remove anything that might pull your attention

Headphones or earbuds - Although we can do this without, having these helps to remove any additional background noise or distractions on your side.

Notepad and Pen - Having this to hand will help you to jot down anything that comes up in sessions that you want to remember and also any activities or actions that arise from the work we do that needs to be done in between sessions.

Tissues - Sometimes there are tears, not everyone, I'm not saying this as some sort of benchmark of what a good session 'should' be like. Some people cry, sometimes unexpectedly so it's worth having them handy.

After Session Space - Don't make plans after your sessions, there may be occasions you will just want to sit quietly post-therapy, don't go planning business meetings directly after, or a trip to the hairdressers or barber. And sometimes our sessions may overrun depending on the depth of where you are and what you're working on, I will do my best to manage and lead our time together, at the same time I will not cut our session short if you are deep in the process.

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