How I Can Help You Reach Your Potential

My coaching ethos is all about challenge. As much as the conversations we will have are encouraging, it’s important that they also push you to go further. I know full well that “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you,” so we make time to help you move beyond whatever the perceived obstacle is right now by knowing completely what the future looks like to you.

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Establishing clarity of purpose

Many leaders and business professionals build great results and successful businesses, but as they reach new heights they often lose sight of why they started or they hit new ceilings of complexity, resulting in the business starting to plateau and stop growing.

I help business professionals reconnect to their original purpose — their founding thoughts — so they can realign their future back to why they started.​

This is achieved through 1-2-1 and group training to help grow you and your mindset so you can create whatever incredible means to you.

Creating compelling goals

Once you have a clear vision of your purpose, you can start to align your goals to it. Understanding exactly what drives you and having goals uniquely tailored to you brings compulsion to deliver and even over achieve.


Our coaching conversations will help you to take back that control, clarify what next looks like, and calibrate your future goals so you can move your business in a positive direction and define your legacy.

Nathan has helped me out massively with my goals and aspirations. He has tamed my wild thought programming so my goals are achievable, but only if I put the work in. I’m not sure I can express the benefits of having someone like Nathan on my side.

Mens, Entrepreneur

Legacy thinking

I define legacy as what carries on after you leave, not the thing you leave behind. We look at what you want to be remembered for, the ethos and the values that will be upheld and expanded upon even after a conversation, not just when you leave a company.


By knowing this you can focus on creating the most incredible outcome possible and help you to connect with the people around you that will bring this to life.  This is about setting wheels in motion.


Once this is in place we’re then here for you all the way through to success.  Accountability partnering for you to bring this to life, a person in your corner constantly to help maintain focus for you to bring your goals to reality.


The route to getting results is you being at the peak of potential. To get there does not take gentle conversations and easy chats. It is about challenge, ensuring you become more incredible than yesterday.


What success looks like to each person is as unique as the goals that we help to establish. The kinds of goals that I help my clients to set and the results they achieve include:

  • Promotion — One client set a 6-month goal for their next promotion. Within four months they were in the new role and had successfully renegotiated the salary to go with it.

  • Increased Revenue — Working with customer retention teams in an FTSE 250 business, revenues increased by 40% over 12 months.

  • Business Start-ups — KT had a 10-month plan to buy his first house to start his property portfolio. Ten days after a 1-day intensive coaching session with me, he signed the mortgage agreement for his first property.

For all of the people behind the above stories, the most important measure of success is that work has become meaningful again, fulfilment has increased and a sense of pride has come with it, both in themselves and those around them. You can read more success stories here.