Success Stories

I've helped all kinds of people from a variety of industries and backgrounds. Here's what a few of my clients said about working with me.

Nathan has helped me out massively with my goals and aspirations. He has tamed my wild thought programming so my goals are achievable, but only if I put the work in. I’m not sure I can express the benefits of having someone like Nathan on my side.

Mens, Entrepreneur

It's very rare that you get to meet someone who has such an impact on the way you view work-life and career progression and for that I am very thankful.

Mohammed, Team Leader, Hastings Direct

I can’t thank Nathan enough for the impact that he has had on my life. He has challenged my ways of thinking and helped me realise I could actually make my work-life more organised and less stressful by coming up with solutions that were right in front of me.

Georgia, Entrepreneur

Through his superb coaching style, Nathan has led me on an amazing journey. He challenged all my existing thinking and has contributed towards the success of the three promotions I have had.

Jade, Contact Centre Leader, Hastings Direct

Nathan’s ability to draw out the positive and the negative helped me identify how I could work more efficiently, including diary management and client management. I now have more time in my day, which has allowed me to develop new clients and expand my business.

James, Private Consultant

Your impact has been nothing short of sensational…what you do so well is to ignite that spark of self-development.

Andy, Contact Centre Leader,

Nathan’s passion for good coaching was infectious; his knowledge in the subject was excellent, and his presentation inspiring. Very highly recommended for any organisations that need to improve or even engage with the philosophies of coaching.

Caroline, Head of HR, St. Michael's Hospice

Nathan’s coaching has given me so much clarity and massively changed my mindset on goal-setting, how I think about the future and what I want from it. Can’t recommend him highly enough.

Paul, Astronomer