My Story

In life there are two kinds of challenge: the ones that hold us back, and the ones we deliberately design in order to create an incredible future.

Throughout my life and my 20+ years of management, leadership and coaching, I'd never really learned how to distinguish between these two kinds of challenge.  I hadn't been able to plan, map and plot my successes.


I’d spent my life working on someone else’s agenda, helping them achieve their goals and their aspirations and thought this is what everyone does. I went home tired, uninspired and wondering what else life had to offer from my career.


Outside of work I was managing to overcome challenges and travel the world — backpacking South East Asia and Australia, training martial arts in Brazil, and living in various places around the globe.


Yet in my career I could never make the transition to whatever next looked like — in truth it’s because I didn’t know what that was and what it really meant to me.


Even leading the customers service teams for Time & Fortune and Harvard Business Review or leading the top sales teams in FTSE 250 contact centres... there was something else, something missing.


I had to unpick what it was that I did that not only made my teams great, but also made me feel great when I went home at the end of the day.  What was fulfilling me and inspiring me to do more?


For me, that comes from challenging people's thinking, so they can take control of key elements of their lives and expand the greatest version of who they are. With this new insight I focused my learning on growing my skills in coaching, NLP, relationship management and leadership. I dissected what great looks like and inspired others to create that in themselves.


The culmination of these 20 years of experiences, multiple industries, countries, continents, combined with deep learning from some of the greatest thought leaders has brought me to now.


My mission is to challenge the thinking of individuals, teams and organisations so they can become more incredible than yesterday.

I can’t thank Nathan enough for the impact that he has had on my life. He has challenged my ways of thinking and helped me realise I could actually make my work-life more organised and less stressful by coming up with solutions that were right in front of me.

Georgia, Entrepreneur

What does incredible look like to you?

I help people craft this through 1-2-1 professional coaching, group training sessions and consultancy work. If you’d like to take the opportunity to help you redefine your professional future I’d love to talk to you. Book a free strategy session so we can get together and start bringing this to life.

Who I work with

I work with a huge mix of people including entrepreneurs, business leaders and professionals. These people span across a wide variety of industries from financial services and the charity sector to osteopathy, astronomy and stunt work!


Who I work with is certainly not limited by sector or industry then. It is simply guided by human interaction to raise people to the next level.


Here are the two things that all these individuals had in common:

  • They had hit a new level of business growth or intellectual challenge, a new ceiling of complexity and weren’t able to find the answer they needed


  • They didn’t know what next looked like

I provide the right intensity of questions and level of support for people to take that next step. Whether you feel you’ve lost your founding purpose or have a big idea but don’t know how to realise it, I will work with you to help define your purpose, and from there establish your goals. Once this is in place I’m here for you all the way through to success — in your corner constantly to help maintain focus for you to bring this to reality.